Connect your proto board to your smartphone

  • You made an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Spark Core prototype?
  • You want to use it remotely through your smartphone?
  • Do it in a minute with YouMadeIt mobile application!

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Compatible with the following prototyping boards

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  • Raspberry Pi logo
  • Spark Core logo


Easy to use

Connect your smartphone to your proto board in 3 simple steps.


Your protoboard is available from every point in the world as soon as your smartphone is connected to internet.


We provide many visualisation components for many sensor types. Map, timeline, video, audio, image, alert.


You can share any visualisation component and add personal insight about your proto board to your community.


Connectivity between your board and your smartphone in secured through SSL.


The data sent by your protoboard are replicated on different data stores ensuring a high level of reliabilty.


You keep the control of your data. At any moment you can export your data and delete them from our servers.

How it works?

Imagine you want to monitor the temperature of you wine cellar. You have wired your Arduino proto board and now, you want to use it from your smartphone over the internet.

STEP #1: Register your board and get an unique id.

From the YouMadeIt mobile application, register your board by naming it. Our app generates a unique id which identifies your board.


STEP #2: Name your sensor and choose appropriate visualisation components.

Sensors will send data from your board to our servers and will be visualised from the mobile application.


STEP #3: Link your board to the YouMadeIt service.

You have register your board and setup the visualisation component for your sensor. The board must know how to interact with the YouMadeIt service now.

Use the dedicated youmadeit library to :

  • register your device using the unique id obtained during step #1
  • send the value measured by your sensor periodically

ENJOY, your board is now connected to your smartphone through internet.

Available everywhere from your smartphone, you can now use your prototyping board remotely, share it with your community and show it to your friends. It is as simple as this.


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